A Gift in your Will


As you know Pelican is passionate about curing below-the-belt cancers
, we strive for a world free from cancer. We believe that improving precision surgery, detection and treatments through clinical research and our training programme is the only way to make the lives of cancer patients better today and in the future.

We are blessed that our supporters have enriched our work with their generous gifts. What we have achieved, with the amazing support of our donors, has had a huge impact on improving treatment for cancer patients.

An increasing number of our donors are choosing to remember the Pelican Cancer Foundation in their Will—shaping a brighter future for cancer patients—even after they are gone.

Considering your legacy is a very personal matter. Of course, you’ll want to think of your family and loved ones first. But you can also provide enduring support to ensure one day we do cure below-the-belt cancers. We would be truly honoured to be part of your legacy.

Gifts left to us in Wills are a vital source of income for Pelican. We simply couldn’t have achieved what we have without them. Legacy donations we have received since we were founded are equivalent to the funding required to support our largest and most influential research study Mercury. Mercury marked a big step change in how bowel cancer was diagnosed and treated and, in order for us to make further leaps forward in the fight against below-the-belt cancers, we will rely on our generous supporters to remember us in their will.

Would you consider making such an important and meaningful gift?


How to remember Pelican in your Will

1) Calculate the value of your estate, taking into account property, investments and any debts.
2) Decide on your beneficiaries – the members of your family, close friends or charities you want to remember in your Will. Many people choose to leave a percentage of their estate to charity as this ensures their loved ones are provided for first.
3) Appoint your executors. These individuals will be named in your Will, and as such, they will be responsible for making sure your instructions are carried out.
4) Visit a solicitor to have your Will drawn up. You can find a solicitor in your area through The Law Society.
5) Store your Will in a safe place and keep a copy to check from time to time. Your solicitor may also store a copy for you.
6) Make sure a relative or close friend knows where the original copy of your Will is stored.
7) You don’t have to tell us that you have left us a gift in your legacy, but we would be delighted to hear about a pledge and what inspired you to support Pelican in this way.

Don’t Forget: If you already have a Will, and wish to add Pelican Cancer Foundation as one of your beneficiaries, ask a solicitor to help you complete a codicil which can be added to your existing Will.