A Gift in your Will



Give the ultimate gift – leave a gift in Will to Pelican Cancer Foundation

Let your legacy be part of Pelican’s world-wide legacy; please leave a gift in your Will to the Pelican Cancer Foundation.

We are tremendously grateful for all of our supporters and the dedicated support that we receive; this directly influences and makes everything that we do possible. You can also support us through the act of leaving a gift to Pelican in your Will. It has the potential to make a difference to the lives of those suffering from below-the-belt cancers. A gift in Will can provide your enduring support to ensure that one day we do cure below-the-belt cancers. The Pelican Cancer Foundation would be truly honoured to be part of your legacy.

We understand that creating your Will is an incredibly personal decision, driven solely by your values and beliefs. It ensures that your wishes are fulfilled and your Estate is distributed in the way that you choose. You can make the decision to include a legacy or gift in Will to charity, and we ask that you consider Pelican Cancer Foundation.

A Gift in Will leaves a lasting legacy and the ultimate gift for the future. Leaving a gift, no matter the size, is incredibly precious and will contribute directly towards Pelican’s work to beat below-the-belt cancer through research and precision surgery.

  • £375 will pay for a patient to have an MRI scan within a research trial
  • £9,000 will fund a workshop to disseminate vital information to nurses, surgeons and
  • £12,000 will fund a clinical database to analyse patient data
  • £25,000 will fund seed funding for a new study

Concern about reducing the value left for your beneficiaries may be stopping you, but the impact might be less than you expect. If you leave 10% of your estate to one or multiple charities then the inheritance tax will be reduced to 36%; meaning that there is a relatively little impact overall for your beneficiaries if you give a gift to charity in your Will.

Pelican is passionate about curing below-the-belt cancers; we strive for a world free from cancer. We believe that improving precision surgery, detection and treatments through clinical research and our training programme is the only way to make the lives of cancer patients better today and in the future.

Your legacy will shape the future of tomorrow’s cancer care for those suffering from below-the-belt cancers.

Each individual has an inheritance tax threshold of £325k, so if your individual estate is worth £500,000 and you leave 10% of the ‘net value’ to charity, your legacy will ‘cost’ your other beneficiaries 0.84% or £4,200. We have tried to demonstrate this below. (As a couple with an estate valued at £1M and an inheritance tax threshold of £650k, your legacy of 10% (£67,500) will ‘cost’ your other beneficiaries 1.62% or £16,200). 


Value of Estate


Individual’s estate below the threshold, not subject to tax


Remaining Estate subject to tax


Will with no legacy gifted to charity


Will with 10% legacy gifted to charity

Gift of Estate to charity


Gift of 10% of Estate to charity


Amount to government under 40% inheritance tax - £175,000 x 40%


Amount to government under 36% tax on remainder, after gift to charity – (£175,000 – £17,500)x36%


Amount left for benefactors, with the tax exempt £325,000


Amount left for benefactors, with the tax exempt £325,000


Percentage of Estate to government


Percentage of Estate to government


Percentage of Estate to benefactors


Percentage to benefactors



Percentage of Estate donated to charity


 Difference to other benefactors due to 10% legacy gifted to charity

Percentage of difference to benefactors between ‘40% tax’ and ‘10% legacy gift and 36% tax’


Value of difference to benefactors between ‘40% tax’ and ‘10% legacy gift and 36% tax’




How to remember Pelican in your Will

1) Calculate the value of your estate, taking into account property, investments and any debts.
2) Decide on your beneficiaries – the members of your family, close friends or charities you want to remember in your Will. Many people choose to leave a percentage of their estate to charity as this ensures their loved ones are provided for first.
3) Appoint your executors. These individuals will be named in your Will, and as such, they will be responsible for making sure your instructions are carried out.
4) Visit a solicitor to draw up your Will. You can find a solicitor in your area through The Law Society.
5) Store your Will in a safe place and keep a copy to check from time to time. Your solicitor may also store a copy for you.
6) Make sure a relative or close friend knows where the original copy of your Will is stored.
7) You don’t have to tell us that you have left us a gift in your legacy, but we would be delighted to hear about a pledge and what inspired you to support Pelican in this way.

Don’t Forget: If you already have a Will, and wish to add Pelican Cancer Foundation as one of your beneficiaries, ask a solicitor to help you complete a codicil which can be added to your existing Will.