Pelican IMPACT | Improving the Management of Patients with Advanced Colorectal Tumours

The Pelican IMPACT Steering Group met earlier in the summer at the Royal College of Physicians to discuss the details of our next national development programme.


Back row: Miss Fenella Welsh, Dr Lisa Boulstridge, Mr Ian Jenkins, Dr Ashley Guthrie, Mr Brendan Moran, Mr Martyn Evans, Mr James Wheeler

Front row: Mrs Sarah Crane, Miss Abi Vallance, Dr Elizabeth Belcher, Miss Deena Harji, Ms Nicola Fearnhead and Mr Tom Cecil

With this eminent group leading the way we are confident that this will be our most influential programme to date. With their guidance on the clinical content and evidence from the ACPGBI patient’s forum, Pelican IMPACT will have an exceptional opportunity to help today’s cancer patients.

The Pelican IMPACT one-day workshops will provide an opportunity for al colorectal MDTs across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland to discuss how we can help patients with advanced colorectal cancer live better for longer, to get the best treatment at the best time and in the best place for each person.

Advanced bowel cancer includes T4 tumours, metastatic (liver, lung and peritoneal) and recurrent disease. Based on case studies and with eminent presenters and panels the workshops will build on Pelican’s reputation for helping bowel cancer teams.

Pelican IMPACT workshops will offer 7 free places for each colorectal MDT as long as this includes a surgeon, radiologist, palliative care, oncologist, pathologist and nurse. The workshops will be hosted in each ACPGBI chapter, staring in Basingstoke on 26th January 2018. Following workshops will be:

Yorkshire & Humber 21st March 2018

Scotland on 2nd May

South East Thames on 29th June

Northern England on 17th September

Manchester & Mersey on 23rd November

Ireland on 10th December