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‘Surgery cures more patients than any other intervention’

The objective of Pelican Cancer Foundation is to improve the survival and quality of life of bowel, liver and urological cancer patients through research and training of advances in precision surgery for bowel (including pseudomyxoma peritonei and colorectal peritoneal metastases), liver, bladder and prostate cancers. The charity’s research studies will investigate ways to improve survival for today’s cancer patients as well as the quality of life that patients can continue to enjoy after cancer treatment.  Pelican is dedicated to helping today’s cancer patients.

Research Principles

The following principles guide the charity’s research grants programme:
• Relevance to the cure of bowel, liver and urological cancers
• Advances in quality of life for bowel, liver and urological cancers
• Excellence, timeliness and originality of science
• Evidence that funding cannot be more suitably obtained elsewhere
• Avoid duplication
• Publish and disseminate results of research

Research Priorities

• Clinical rather than laboratory based research for bowel, liver or urological cancer
• Research that advances precision surgery and treatment
• Studies that include the multi disciplinary perspective for the treatment of bowel, liver or urological cancer
• Relevance to the staging and treatment of bowel, liver or urological cancer
• Translational research for the treatment of bowel, liver or urological cancer
• Research that can lead on to education and development programmes for multi-disciplinary cancer teams or surgeons
• Of value to the NHS

Types of Grant

Grants are available where the principal investigator is based in a recognised research centre, university or hospital. Centres outside the UK may be considered if the application is partnered with a project within the UK.

The following types of grant are available:

• Pilot or feasibility study

The charity’s trustees, taking advice from the Pelican Research Review Panel and using the agreed process of peer review, will be responsible for approving awards and grants. However the charity is mindful of the value of flexibility and rapid response where this can be achieved without compromising the principles of peer review and best practice.

The charity’s grants will be assessed for effectiveness and outcomes to ensure that progress towards improvements in treatment is delivered.


Pelican Cancer Foundation is keen to build partnerships with other funding and research organisations where appropriate and to promote networks and dialogue to maximise the effectiveness of its funding.

Pelican Cancer Foundation will encourage surgeons to continue questioning ‘normal’ surgical practice and keep improving patient survival and quality of life for cancer patients through innovation and dissemination.

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