What we doB-Brendan_Moran_operating

Pelican Cancer Foundation derives its name from the words 'pe'lvic and 'li'ver 'can'cer. 

Created ten years ago to advance the pioneering colorectal surgical work of Professor Bill Heald CBE, Mr Brendan Moran, Mr Merv Rees, and their colleagues in Basingstoke, Pelican focuses on improving precision surgery for bowel cancer, liver cancer, bladder cancer and prostate cancer.

Pelican's aim is to discover the most effective treatment for each individual patient – refining treatment options to achieve the best outcomes for patients’ survival and quality of life. We work to ensure that these advances are applied in cancer care today.

We achieve this by:

• Developing, training and communicating the latest procedures through delivering professional courses for surgeons and cancer teams

• Leading research into pelvic cancer surgery and treatment

• Funding the acquisition of precision surgery technology.