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Research: It is vital that we continue to investigate the most effective treatment for today's cancer patients.  Pelican supports the early stage of research studies - the grit of sand that creates the pearl.  Many of our projects have led directly to changes in clinical practice whilst others have developed into big multi-national trials. Thanks to Pelican's work thousands of patients are cured of their disease - but there is more to do.

Educationwe embed new research and techniques by bringing together experts to discuss changes in practice.  The surgeons who come on our programmes will change their practice when they get back to their hospital, the radiologist who learn about MRI for prostate cancer are likely to identify an aggressive cancer that would be completely missed using current 'best practice'.

It is impossible to say exactly how many patients our charity touches every year but in the UK 40,000 patients are diagnosed with bowel cancer, 40,000 men with prostate cancer and 10,000 with bladder cancer.  If only 30% have their diagnosis and treatment improved we impact on 30,000 people in the UK every year - and we work worldwide.

We all want the silver bullet that will end cancer, the pill that prevents all tumours developing but this is still unlikely in our lifetime and in the meantime Pelican is a pragmantic and effective charity that makes a difference for today's patients.

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