Why donate to Pelican?S-surgeons_under_lights

Pelican Cancer Foundation is dedicated to helping those with cancer live well for longer.

We achieve this by supporting medical research and education to improve precision surgery, detection and treatment for bowel, liver, bladder and prostate cancers – cancers ‘below the belt’.

We concentrate on surgery because it’s the most effective treatment for internal cancers. With good surgery, patients can enjoy long and happy lives. Yet currently only a tiny fraction of cancer research money is spent on the advancement of superior surgical techniques.

Our work has saved thousands of lives. But there are still many questions to be answered - too many patients have sexual and urinary problems after treatment for cancer below-the-belt. That’s why Pelican focuses on funding clinical research (rather than laboratory-based research) – so we can improve cancer patients’ lives today.

Help us to find the answers that can improve the life opportunities of today’s cancer patients.

“The best buy for the new century for improving cancer outcomes is to improve the quality of surgery” - Jane Maher, CMO, Macmillan.